On the  16th of February 2019 we took part in the Sifunda Kunye sports tournament. The sporting codes played was  netball and soccer. All our Sifunda kunye partner schools played very well, and we enjoyed the day with all the learners, parents and  teachers.

The final results for this tournament was as follows:

Soccer (Boys) Netball
1st place Hendrik Kanise Combined school 1st place Xolani Senior Secondary school
2nd place Toise Senior Secondary School 2nd place St Matthews High School
3de place Richard Varha High School 3de place Toise Senior Secondary school
4th place Xolani Senior Secondary School 4th place Hendrik Kanise combined school
5th Place St Matthews High School 5th place Richard Varha High School

Thank you to Sifunda Kunye for organizing this event, we had a great day.