National Science Week

National Science Week – 30 August 2018

On the 30th of August we were requested to participate in a national science week, this itself explains what this week was about. The Science Week was all about science we got a chance to participate in activities like math and science quiz, Lego robotics, bridge building, science posters, science projects and science debate. The science week theme; deepening our democracy through science, was exciting to all the children that participated. Schools namely: West Bank High School, Xolani High School, Bisho High School etc. There were different activities. Here`s some reviews on how we took part in the national science. This program is for young scientist and this is what they said “When I first got there I felt so scared and excited, at the same time confident, when I first arrived because there were a lot of schools. When presenting my research, my fact ,I felt good like I was moving seas, matter of fact like I would touch the sky. When I came out of the room I felt confident and knew I did my best. Here is another review from a student who did a different activity ,the science poster .She is one of three students of her group .”I was shivering and scared but as time felt cool and ,I relaxed as I saw other students, I adapted to it.”

Young Scientist Misokuhle Vanda

Well done Misokuhle Vanda

This all started on the 24th of August 2018. This young scientist, Misokuhle Vanda set out to compete

with other scientist from other schools in the hole of the East London district. This was the fairest and most broad competition. His project was about an electric sock that will improve our society. He introduced this sock as the ELECTRONIC WINTER HEAT.


His goal is to limit the sicknesses like colds and flu as well as other diseases. As we all know that the feet are the  first to get cold in a humans body. By doing this he is improving our environment, some people would not see the need but when the cold weather strikes you will find it useful. We are so proud of our fellow mate and this has encouraged us to want to be an achiever like him, we all  look up to him.


He is one of many top achievers even in his school work, he is part of our leadership body at school. He has

inspired us a lot. He won silver in the competition and got selected in the top 7 to compete in nationals which will be   held in Pretoria

Computer Olympiad

On Monday 16 March 2013, a group of 30 learners wrote the National Computer Olympiad which was facilitated by Mr Mqalo, the Lab Facilitator. The Olympiad tested logic, rather than actual computer skill. The results were as follows:

  • 1st in Grade 8 – Siphumle Ngam (8A)
  • 1st in Grade 9 – Sakhumzi Gladile (9B)
  • 1st in Grade 10 – Solomzi Gladile (10E)
  • 1st in Grade 11 – Xabiso Mzabane (11D)
  • 1st in Grade 12 – Simnikiwe Mbanga (12C)
  • 1st in the school – Simnikiwe Mbanga(12C)
  • 2nd in the school – Saziso Gxobole (12C)
  • 3rd in the school – Xabiso Mzabane (11D)

South African Mathematics Olympiad

On 12 March 2015 our learners took part in the first round of the South African Mathematics Olympiad. The following learners have qualified to write the second round which will be written in May 2015:

  • Lathitha Madolo (Grade 8)
  • Siyothola Radoni (Grade 11)
  • Sisanda Xaba (Grade 11)
  • Simnikiwe Mbanga (Grade 12)
  • Aphelele Rana (Grade 12)
  • Sibongile Ngqolowa (Grade 12)
  • Phelokazi Nguqu (Grade 12)

Top Learners Receive Tablets