Richard Varha School Choir

An Angel Sent Back Home – Ms Mafani

An unexpected and tragic death of a wonderful soul who dedicated her life in doing good and helping those in need, A mother figure to her students and a sister to her colleagues, Not only the school is in shock but the community as well.

It would never be a dull moment whenever she is around, even though we live in a bitter cruel world she would always show you the bright side of things, respect and kindness was her language. She had a positive influence on her kids and treated students as her own.
Her memorial service was on the 30th May and she was put in her final resting place on the 2nd June, she will be dearly missed and we shall never forget you and all you did for us as students, teachers and the rest of the school staff.

Prefect Selection 2018

The school has introduced a prefect system from 2017 to try and control issues of discipline within the school. Only learners in Grade 11 and 12 are selected as prefects and this is based on top performing learners only.

Teacher Awards 2018

Teacher awards 2018

Developing Humanity Through Education

Our principal, Mr S.J Adonis keeps pushing for a better future for the School ,not alone, the teachers show commitment and love for their work.

The innovation of prefect system together with the policies that are implemented and followed by the school always bring out what is good for the school and thus the future for the students is amplified.