Top achievers December 2021

Chess club 2022

Our school runs a chess club in our computer lab, we have over 80 members, we will be running a internal tournament soon. Our chess club is supported by Sifunda Kunye. Our club members would like to thank Steve for coaching and assisting us with our club.

Songezo Qubungu Computer lab and learner assistant

My name is Songezo Qubungu known as Steve. I matriculated in 2016 at Richard Varha and went to the University of Fort Hare in 2017 to further my studies, where I studied bachelor of commerce. In 2018 I had to dropout because of family matters. I am from a family of three, my mother who is blind, my little brother who is doing grade 12 this year, and myself. I am responsible for the family with the help of my mom’s disability grant so I had to look for a job to take care of my family. When Covid19 started in South Africa things went south for me because I was starting to have plans of going back to school and get my degree. Fortunately the Presidential Youth Program was introduced to help teachers and learners in schools and I was lucky to find a job at Richard Varha in 2021 until today. I am a person who loves his family and love to help other people, as a result in 2017 I started a youth co-operative which involved poultry and farming where I wanted my peers to do something and not abuse drugs and alcohol.